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Written by Dr Rowland S. Ward   
Thursday, 14 August 2008 11:36


Minister: Revd. Andres Miranda


Andres Miranda was born in Chile and came to Melbourne in 1986 with his parents and siblings. He became a Christian at age 22 through attending a Bible Study. In 1997 he completed a BA in Biblical Studies at Harvest Bible College while serving in a local church. Gripped by the providential reading of a puritan book, Andres felt captivated by the God presented in the Reformed and Calvinistic tradition and committed himself to further theological training. He completed the requirements for the ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria in 2003 and was engaged in church-planting work in the Western suburbs until 2006.

Andres completed a course in Clinical Pastoral Education at Peter McCallum Cancer Centre in 2007, and commenced studies for a degree in Social Work from Victoria University in 2008. Andres joined the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia in mid 2008 and from 2009 served part time on the ministry team. He was admitted a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia on 31 October 2009 and became full time with Knox/All Nations in December 2009.  Andres has a passion for spiritual ministry which glorifies God. on 29 December 2010 a most hearty call to become Dr Ward's colleague and eventual successor was sustained by Presbytery and accepted by Andres. He was installed on 29 January 2011 with Dr Ward anticipating resignation of the parish early in 2012, with a view to continuing active ministry in retirement.

Andres is married to Andrea and they have three children - Natalie, Samuel and Katrina. Andres' hobbies include showing off his exotic cooking skills, and playing percussion instruments.


Minister (retired): Revd. Dr Rowland S. Ward (in active retirement since 30 June 2012)

Rowland & AnnaRowland S. Ward was born and raised in Melbourne. His maternal grandfather, the Rev H.E.Carey (1881-1955), was a Presbyterian minister who married Gertrude Waterhouse, a great granddaughter of Rev John Waterhouse, the first Superintendent of Wesleyan Methodist work in Australasia and Polynesia (1838-42). Brought up in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, Rowland moved to the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia in 1968 due to the widespread liberalism of the PCV at that time.

Rowland commenced correspondence studies with a view to the ministry, and then resigned from his position as Senior Account Executive with a large firm of international insurance brokers. He holds the BA and Hons BTh degrees from the University of South Africa, and the Diploma of the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh (which he attended 1972-75). In 1994 he was awarded the degree ThD from the Australian College of Theology, Sydney for his dissertation on "Divisions and Unions in Australian Presbyterianism 1823-1901 with Special Reference to the Church's Attitude to its Creed".

Rowland commenced his ministry at Ulverstone, Tasmania PCEA in October 1975, and was ordained 16 March 1976. He moved to Melbourne in August 1981 to care for the tragically divided congregation then at East St Kilda. He was inducted in June 1984 and the work has since been entirely reorganised. The old property was sold and several centres have since been established. He has lectured in a number of countries and written numerous books.

Rowland married Anna Hilliard in 1972. Anna was born in Belfast and raised in Scotland, joining the Free Church of Scotland before coming to Australia in 1970. Her father was an early minister of the Elim Pentecostal Churches (commenced 1928), a quiet and gentle man who was much loved. He was elected President of the Elim movement in 1964. Anna and Rowland have five adult children.

Minister to Sudanese: Revd. Tut Wan Yoa

Tut & ElizabethTut Wan Yoa was born in Nasir, South Sudan, the son of a farmer and cattleman. He completed his secondary education in Malakal, and was a primary school teacher. Later he taught at high school level in Khartoum where he met his future wife. Tut was converted as a teenager. He studied at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (founded by Presbyterian missionaries in 1855) 1984-87, securing the BTh degree. He earned his MTh at the Nairobi International School of Theology 1998-2001 at which time he learned English. (He also speaks Nuer, Arabic and Swahili.) Sudan (which is largely African and Christian or animist in the south but Arab and Muslim in the north) experienced civil war 1955-72 and again from 1983 until a Peace was signed in January 2005. There have been about 2 million deaths, and millions more displaced.

A Bible translator with United Bible Societies in Nairobi, Kenya 1989-2000, Tut was the principal translator of the Old Testament into the Nuer language, one of the major tribal languages, and revised the New Testament translation. He was ordained by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in December 1991 at the request of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan, because the war situation made travel to Sudan hazardous. From 1997-2001 he ministered to a congregation in Nairobi of those in transit to resettlement countries, and hence came to know many Sudanese now in Australia. Having run a mobile Bible School in southern Sudan from Kenya - mobile so as to avoid the fighting - he originated the concept of what is now the Ministry Training Centre at Lokichoggio, northern Kenya near the border with Sudan. The Centre was duly established by the Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF), and Tut was its first training co-ordinator 2001-04. He was also deputy Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan 2001-02.

Tut married Elizabeth Gany in 1990, and they have six children, all born in Kenya. All but Tut arrived in Brisbane as humanitarian refugees in January 2002. Tut had obligations to meet in Kenya, and so did not arrive until July 2004. Learning of Tut's presence in Australia, Dr Ward visited the family in May 2005, and Tut in turn visited Melbourne. The upshot was that he was engaged as Associate Minister with a view to building up the work among Sudanese by Knox PCEA which had begun three years earlier. He was accepted as a fully recognised minister of the PCEA by Synod 2006.

On 31 March 2011 All Nations, Mulgrave (which had been sponsored by Knox) became a separate parish and embraces the Sudanese congregation served by Tut.


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